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I know this time of year means preparing the house for the cold. But what about garden?

What should we do in garden to make sure it is ready for the winter?

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Don't overdo your preparation by "scrubbing garden beds clean as if they were your kitchen floors.

Since some plants may still be flowering, leave them out to keep your garden looking pretty as long as possible. Some perennials and shrubs such as grasses, sedums and hydrangeas should remain for winter beauty and interest.

Remove soggy brown leaves from perennials such as daylilies, hostas, irises and peonies to avoid attracting slugs. Before the first snow flies remove all obvious weeds from the garden and most but not all of the fallen leaves so the garden is not buried. A little bit of leaf coverage should be kept in order to protect spring saplings from frosts while providing some soil nutrients while they break down.

Mow the lawns one last time and add a little organic fertilizer to encourage nice green growth in the spring. Water any new plants and all trees and evergreens before the ground freezes.

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