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Has anyone been dealing with dying impatiens?  We live in Ontario, Canada zone 5 and have grown impatiens for many years.  Last year they just up and died.  I blamed it on the new-old fertilizer I found in the back of a shed and used on all my flowers.  Also we had a particularly dry summer last year so I thought that could have contributed to their demise.  This year we've had lots of rain.  Whenever I fertilize my impatiens (once a week) the next time I look at them they're dead!  I understand there is an impatiens virus going around this year and last, but my impatiens don't have the same symptoms as described with this virus.  Also, my impatiens in pots on my covered patio are doing fine.  They don't get the copious amount of rain as do the rest.  If anyone can help me understand what is going on with these, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Norma,

Check out this post from Toronto Master Gardeners: and check the links on the bottom of that page.

Does it sound like a problem you're having?

Some of the impatiens died from the symptoms described by the downy mildew disease.  However, as I mentioned before, some impatiens were lovely and healthy one day and the next they just laid down and died next to healthy impatiens in bloom.  It was suggested to me that irregular watering can be a cause for the demise of these plants.  What I'd like to know is whether or not I need to replace the soil in my (7) whiskey barrels for next year's planting.  We have whiskey barrels in different locations on our property, some in very shady areas and some where the plants get a fair amount of sunshine.  
But I've noticed some whiskey barrels have "finger-like" fungi growing from the wood.  For this reason I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to just empty the barrels and replace the soil.  I will plant different flowers there next year as mentioned in one of the articles you suggested.  Thanks for your feedback .

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