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In an aquaponic garden, it is much easier to sow your seeds than in the traditional way. There is a netting pot which is usually at waist height. Then it is just a matter of waiting for the seeds to germinate and start growing. But there is a little secret that you should know before sowing your seeds. But before we'll be breaking down this stuff, let me do a little disclaimer: you can always find useful information in the professional books/e-books, or order useful info about it from some service, who allow writing my essay for cheap. But let's started!

The Right Time To Sow Seeds

The secret is when exactly to sow your seeds to get the best results. In your eagerness to get going with your aquaponic system it is very tempting to buy your fish, place them into your nice new tank and then sow the seeds immediately. This is a bad idea. This is because the nutrients that are going to come from the fish will not have started working through to the pants yet. It is too early. You need to wait until the excrement from the fish has begun to turn into food nutrition for your plants. There are a number of factors that affect this process.

The Aquaponic Nutrient System

Here is the nutrients system that you are setting up. Hopefully, you will get an understanding of when it is best to sow the seeds with your system. Once you have got your fish happy in the tank and releasing their excrement then you know the process has started. The output from the fish has ammonia which is toxic to the fish. This is not a problem because mature takes care of the problem within the aquaponic system. The bacteria in the fish water breaks down the ammonia into both nitrites and then nitrates. You don't have to know what all this means apart from this. To make your plants to their best you need these nitrates from the fish. So you need to wait for the waste from the fish to decompose and change into food for the plants. This decomposing process can take up to three months depending on your fish and the environmental conditions surrounding your system. You can manually add nitrates based plant food to your system to speed up the process and I imagine that most people do this.

Monitoring Ammonia Levels

You can’t be expected to hang around for three months while your fish do their thing. But of course, you might be happy to wait patiently for nature to do things its own way. What you will have to do is monitor the ammonia levels in your water system to make sure they are suitable for both your fish and your plants. This will usually just work without any input from you. You are just monitoring the levels just in case. After the three months, every should be ready to go and you can plant your first seeds. This is when things get really exciting. You will see a much faster growing and fruiting pattern than you are used to with traditional gardening.


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